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Stuntteam de Beukelaer

The Company “Stuntteam de Beukelaer” was founded in the late 60’s. With his background in martial arts, founder Hammy de Beukelaer was a rising star in the Dutch Movie industry, and particularly in performing fights and stunts.

Marco Maas

Company Owner, Stuntcoördinator

Throughout the decades the company developed itself to a more international experienced team and from the early 90’s Willem de Beukelaer and Marco Maas further professionalized their crews and equipment on many levels. Today Stuntteam de Beukelaer is a true global operating company with it’s headquarter located in the north of Amsterdam.

Stuntteam de Beukelaer can provide almost all your needs in stunts and all action related specialisms. From driving to diving, rigging, cars, airbags, air ramps, winches, descenders and fire gear, among others; we can serve whatever you need. The combination of many years of knowledge and experience enable us to make it functional and work for you. This also includes the safety procedures plus the operation and logistics around each project.

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Vrijheidweg 49
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The Netherlands


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